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Strategic Partners

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DRUM DRUM Resources Limited
The commodity and supply chain experts for Africa.

MST MST Secure
MST are specialists in “secure trade & logistics” to develop the German / CIS export market.

MiG Security MiG Security
MiG specialise in physical security, disaster recovery and contingency planning.

Solens Solens Consultants Limited
Solens provide risk analysis for mining, petroleum and finance sectors facilitating the  development of appropriate credit facilities.

Lloyds  Lloyd & Partners
Insurance brokers responsible for developing insurance facilities.

Ace ACE Russia Limited
DRUM’s insurance facility in Russia, re-insured into Lloyds of London.

DRUM Risk Management
150 Fenchurch Street

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7929 2473

To date DRUM has analyzed, managed and fully insured in excess of $3.6 Billion, with a Zero Loss Record.

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